About Me




Originally from pacific ocean side of Japan. Following inner guidance since 2004 living in Germany. 


:Official Qualifications:   

・Psychology (B.Sc) University in Bonn, Germany.    

・Psychology (M.Sc) Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, Germany.

・Media Science (BA) in Tokyo Polytechnic University in Tokyo, Japan.      

・Licensed „Art of Feminine Presence“ Teacher.                                                              


    :Personal Beliefs:

Life is a romantic adventure.

Our differences are talent.

We all have unique gift to share with the world.      


: Awakening :

Since 2017 awakening with inherited ability as a healer & medium.

Getting deeper understanding about invisible forces, the law of universe.


: Passions :

Sharing the world highest quality of ancient wisdom: Art of Feminine Presence.    

Celebrating all aspects of what life offers.

Awakening in physical body. Law of Universe.

Regaining with the all wisdom with Invisible forces. (mental, emotional, being receptive for higher guidance)

Training for 5 dimensional consciousness in physical body.              


   : Preferences :

Open heart, dogs, fooding, dancing, pilates, applied energy healing      

science and training of abundance, happiness, success, health, love, creativity traveling, inspirations.