Life is a great and romantic adventure.

Following my own philosophy, I moved to western world from the East, Japan.


I found my passion in psychology and studied at university of Bonn, Germany, focusing on brain and genetic research.

As a enthusiastic psychology student, I also wanted to learn deep clinical approach of psychology with cognitive behavioural therapy.

This involved working experiences as internship in a psychiatric hospital in Bonn, Germany and Istanbul, Turkey, during my Master.


Beside of academical education, I was willing to learn different methods and took training as a systemic counsellor and business coaching.



The significant change came into my life in totally unexpected way.



In 2017 repeatedly I encountered mystical experiences, which I have never even thought in my life.


The world of spirits.


It led me to deeper understanding of mystic and magic of life.


At the same time I developed my talent and particular interest to energy work (with so called dragon energy).

The spiritual world´s was the last piece to complete my passion – Life creation in the highest good.


I found answers to following questions: “How can we bring our physical surroundings and our soul blue print to one unit, what we call “reality.”

“How to experience the life full of joy and beauty in best possible manifestation of each individual´s absolute unique talent.”


I found finally the answer and I created my own coaching method with combination of psychological approach and spiritual energy work.




2021, July

TSUKI Chology