The Art of Feminine Presence (AFP) created by Rachael Jayne Groover started with a question:


„Some women have remarkable presence.

They attract the best possible attentions and chances with ease just being themselves.

Some others, however their physical and inner beauty,  intelligence, or talents, their presence is not notable.“




The answer was the life-force Feminine.


In current world, we all are raised up in societies, in which Masculine is the domain. Therefore, regardless of any gender type, we learned to utilise masculinity, during we suppress our feminine nature. 


Especially women have fundamentally more potential by activating Feminine nature.

At the other side women, who blocks their own feminine nature have difficulty to live out natural given talent and often put themselves against the flow of love and abundance. 


By practicing AFP, you will see yourself more and more relaxed in your own body and conscious mind. 

  You will relief the pattern of burning out by controlling yourself and your environment. 


Your magnetic presence start to radiate and attract positive attentions.

You will witness the power unfolding in your authentic beauty and gift. 


Let the 44 beautiful AFP practices open and guide your feminine journey.




When you practice AFP…




・Particular charm of the person start to become visible.

・You start to attract magnetically all goodness. 

・At work, in private and all other situations your presence will be perceived and memorised significantly more positive. 

・You will find yourself receiving more positive attentions, with respect.

・You will have access to feel secure and relaxed. 

・Joy-Level in everyday increase. 

・You will enjoy significantly more confidence in peace, no matter where and with whom you are.

・Your inner guidance, inspirations will be clearer. 

・Your actions and decisions will be clearer and bold in a good way. 

・You will feel more kindness, beauty, and more joy in your daily life. As if the world attunes to you. 



All those changes happen totally naturally and gradually.

Timings and the perceivable changes varies from person to person.

All changes occur individually at the best time. Let yourself be surprised!





・AFP one day online workshop  March 25, 2023 (Registration will start soon!)

・AFP Private Sessions